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Monday, May 1, 2017

I continue to be involved with the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts located in Cedarburg Wisconsin. The group of people that raised the money for the museum as it stands now (and since 2011) did a masterful job of turning an old barn into a wonderful exhibit space. The new part of the building provides classrooms, quilt collection storage, office space and a gift shop. There is a plan to add another barn once the money is raised which will allow the expansion of exhibit, classroom and storage space.

In previous posts I described the things that go on during documentation day which is held twice a year. The museum has a busy event calendar also. In addition to having an ever changing main quilt/fiber oriented exhibit in the barn space, there are classes, group events, sales, and tours all through the year.

The amazing thing about the museum is that there are only four full time employees and a couple of part time ones. Most of the events and activities and day to day work is provided by volunteers. The total number of hours donated by volunteers in 2016 at the museum was close to 9200 with a monetary value of almost $207,000. Amazing!

The museum is a treasure, both for Wisconsin and for the quilt and fiber art world. Visit it if you can.
Check wiquiltmuseum.com for details about hours, events, classes and opportunities.

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