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Friday, November 11, 2016

I saw a Facebook posting by Nancy Zieman about a book of patterns for quilts inspired by vintage quilts. It made me think about all of the patterns we have for traditional quilts. Barbara Brackman made a book of more than four thousand of them. Her extensive research uncovered up to 10 different names for the same pattern.

One pattern I am beginning to like a lot is the snowball pattern. There are variations, of course. But the more traditional pattern involved connecting the snowball shapes with kite shaped pieces. Here's a picture of one unquilted top that is in my collection.

Other names for this pattern as listed in Brackman's book are Bluet, Hummingbird and Periwinkle. It is not included in the snowball pattern options. Who knew?

More modern patterns show that adding a triangle to the each corner of a larger square visually "rounds" the corners to make the center appear round in the quilt. It's not complicated and can be very striking. Many of us are familiar with the concept of sewing a small square to the corner of a larger one, then trimming the extra fabric so that when the triangle is turned it makes the square whole again. When a number of these squares with small triangles in their corners are pieced together, the effect can be amazing. It makes the snowball quilt a bit less complex.

I may need to start one of these soon!

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