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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In my post about washing quilts, I should have mentioned Orvus Paste which is a washing agent that is highly recommended by many who clean vintage quilts. It's an extremely gentle surfectant cleaner used on horses but has been found to work very well on quilts. It's a bit pricey at about $35 a bottle but for priceless quilts, not at all expensive.

While I think that properly storing quilts to keep them clean is a good idea, we still need to clean them at some point. Even quilts stored in the ideal temperature and humidity of a climate controlled room need attention. Maybe they won't need cleaning but they do require unfolding and refolding at regular intervals.

I store my older quilts in cotton pillow cases. They are folded with acid free tissue paper logs in the folds. I take them out to workshops and they get refolded then but most experts recommend refolding your quilts regularly.

My storage space isn't adequate because I have to stack on shelves the quilts that I'm not displaying. Some folks caution that stacking too many quilts, one on the other, compresses the batting. I can't argue with that but frankly, most of my quilts have very thin batting so there is really nothing to compress. I'd love to have more and better storage but at this point I do not.

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