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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Wisconsin Quilt Expo that is ending today is a really fabulous opportunity to take classes, attend lectures and visit vendors. It always occurs during the end of the week after Labor Day. I have attended other quilt shows, including IQA Chicago, but I think that the format and the variety of offerings at Quilt Expo are better - at least for what I need as a quilter. The program always seems to be balanced with just enough attention to new techniques without forgetting the mainstays of quilting that many are interested in. I enjoyed a session on setting up a home sewing machine for free motion quilting. Some of the information confirmed what I already know and do. But some of the information was new and thought provoking.
The second lecture I attended was about turning a photo graph into a quilt. I learned a lot just in time to start a quilt version of a picture of my son sitting in the entrance to an ice cave in northern Wisconsin.
The lecture I gave twice on using old quilt tops and orphan blocks was fun. The audience members were attentive and participated. I felt very comfortable talking and sharing my ideas and what I've learned from working with older fabric pieces.
My friend Susan, who helped out at my lectures, attended a three hour workshop on applying zentangle designs to fabric. She appreciated the opportunity to have a bit more time to work on the technique. That's also why I like the Quilt Expo: there are half day "sit and sew" and "hands on" opportunities as well as one hour lectures so anyone attending can sample many techniques and learn from experts while still able to visit vendors and sit in on free stage presentations. The Expo has something for everyone!
Next year the dates of the Wisconsin Quilt Expo will be September 7, 8 and 9.

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