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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In my post of September 10th, I described the Wisconsin Quilt Expo and how much I like all that it offers. Here is a picture of me giving my lecture on orphan blocks and tops. I'm holding the table mat I showed in a different post in August.
It's a wide view, taken by my friend Susan. The pile on the table reflects a bit of the spontaneity of my talk. I knew where each example was when it was time to show it but I wasn't too neat about putting things back on the table. I showed quite a few examples of unfinished tops, ranging from some that needed no repair at all to several that were only good enough for taking apart to salvage fabric that may be used in the repair of other quilts. I also showed examples of orphan blocks and various decorative options for these little jewels.
The green and white quilt on the table was a rare find. It was mixed up on a table of clothing at a very jammed and messy antique store. Because the store owners were out of town, the person they asked to run the store needed to price the quilt which was unmarked. He said, "well it's kind of dirty. How about $7.00?" Needless to say, it went home with me. It needed no repair and is well pieced and quilted. A light soak and air dry was all it needed. Sometimes a person can find a gem!

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