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Monday, September 26, 2016

Between helping out with the twin newborns and their 2 year old brother, I am trying to finish quilts for the twin beds in one of the rooms of our cottage. Over the years we've had many different bed coverings but my goal is to cover each bed with one of my quilts. After these 2 there is just one more to do.

My next project will be to decide what to do with the quilt squares I just bought. I'm intrigued by orphaned sets of blocks.  I go back as usual into thoughts of who the original maker was and why she chose the fabrics and pattern, how long it took her to make the blocks and why she didn't finish the project.

There are 13 larger blocks composed of 4 pieced blocks each. There are 11 small pieced blocks in addition. The sewing is by hand but very uneven. It looks as if some of the pieced blocks were evened and pressed carefully. The others show poor matching. They may have to be picked out and resewn if they are to fit into a design with the rest. I'm considering separating the four patch blocks and assemble a larger piece with the pieced blocks individually used and intermixed. It seems like a good idea to spread out the yellow. Sashing may help unify the quilt. The color of that sashing is a dilemma though. Any suggestions?

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