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Sunday, September 11, 2016

A quilt top I acquired from Ebay was just begging to be finished and used. The original sewer pieced the blocks fairly well but they were joined unevenly and the sewing detracted from the overall attractiveness of the quilt. The quilt was also very grimy.
I began by soaking the top in a weak solution of Oxyclean and water. I used about half a measuring cup (the one that came in the box of Oxyclean) in about 5 gallons of water. Not surprisingly, a lot of dirt was released from the top. Then I let it air dry.
This picture shows the top in its original form. I understand the stair step design that accounts for where the navy was placed but I thought the navy should be spread around the whole quilt. I did disassemble the quilt down to the 5 inch squares. Then I squared up the blocks and matched 2 plain with 2 pieced blocks to get back the 4 patch look. When pressed and squared the blocks fit together beautifully. The four patches were laid out in rows and the navy distributed around the quilt. I also tried to distribute the pinky/peach blocks. My preference is always symmetry!

I used this top as an example in my "Treasures from Castoffs" lecture at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo this past week. Now I'll get to layer and quilt it. I think I'll use navy to back and bind it.

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