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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

While I'm still on baby watch for our daughter's twins, I am also preparing to lecture at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo.

My lecture (entitled "Treasures from Cast-offs") is all about rescuing unfinished pieced blocks and quilt tops and turning them into usable items. I just found several more items to add to my collection. One is a quilt top found at an antique store in Minocqua, Wisconsin. It is hand pieced in a four pointed star pattern with muslin background and a lovely collection of prints that surely came from someone's scrap bag. It's an odd shape, much longer than wide but I think I can reshape it into a square for a table cover.
The second find is four crazy quilt squares that are about 12 inches square, made with a collection of fabrics sewn to muslin backing and embellished with embroidery. They will make a lovely table runner. At least that's my first idea.
I really enjoy thinking about the makers of these items as I look them over and decide what to do with them. I imagine the women who made them with bits and pieces, no rotary cutters and few patterns except those handed around the community or published in magazines. I admire their creativity as they endeavored to bring beauty into the lives of their families. I thank them for their legacy and hope that my efforts to extend the lives of their creations will honor them.

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