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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The embellishment of the Dresden plate block continues. I'm having fun both making up and remembering stiches I've seen. Actually, I believe that most of what I think I'm making up is just a variation of patterns I've seen somewhere else. As I age, I become more and more convinced that nothing is really new anymore; it's all just a version of something else. I like looking at embroidered designs in magazines about quilting or any kind of handwork. Usually, I can't find the pictures or directions when I have the opportunity to work, so I kind of wing it. Maybe I just need to get things organized into a system that allows retrieval conveniently! I'm also deciding about the centers since the original plates didn't have anything appliqued in the center. Should I add something? Or leave them open? Here are a couple more blades that have been finished.

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