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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sorry for my absence since the end of April. Since I last posted, I have spent two weeks in Italy, taken care of my grandson while his parents moved and seen my husband through surgery, Despite all of that, I still find bits of time to work on my rescue projects. Lately I have been using an old Dresden plate block as the base for embroidery. I have a set of plates from an old quilt that were appliqued to pink fabric originally. I removed all of the plates and discarded the pink fabric which was stained and fragile. The plates are made from many fabrics, some cottons but lots look as if they are from garments. Some silk pieces are evident as well as some that look like suiting material. I appliqued one plate on to black Kona cotton, then button hole stitched around the center. The center was uneven so I traced a circle in white chalk pencil on the black background, then matched the plate to it as I secured it down. I hem stitched around the blades to secure the outside of the plate. Finally I stem stitched between the blades. I am now in the process of embroidering some of the blades. I'm focusing my work on the blades that are stained a bit or otherwise discolored or fragile. I'll post a picture soon.

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