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Saturday, July 16, 2016

On Friday, July 8th, I posted pictures and a description of a red and blue quilt that I am rebuilding. As I noted in that post, I am hand sewing the replacement pieces. The work is a bit tedious but I still think it's the best way to do it. The squares are fairly even, but each one needs to be fit into place. Here's a before picture of one section. The two red squares are discolored. The red square at the top left is a replacement square pinned in place.

This second picture shows the two red replacement squares sewn in place. The red squares were salvaged from rows that were removed.                                                                                         
Two things I've noticed while working on this top. The first is that the thread originally used to hand piece it is thick and in some places has fused itself to the fabric. Picking it out took extra time and lots of care. I couldn't just clip an end and pull. I had to clip almost every stitch. Second, I do know that I am not a great hand sewer. Working on this top is teaching me to slow down, pin a lot and match seams very carefully. It's also increased my respect for the woman who sewed this top by hand all those years ago. I'll keep working on this top and posting pictures as I go.

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