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Friday, July 8, 2016

Hello Friday already! It seems like time has sped up since I retired. Folks always said that when a person retires she won't know where her days have gone. I now understand.
I have been working, during stolen moments, on rebuilding a quilt top that I bought on ebay. I paid about $15 for it. I knew it had some damaged blocks but I love that kind of challenge The pattern is great and many of the 2.5 inch squares retained their vibrant color after washing. I decided to remove some rows from each end and use any salvageable blocks to replace the worst pieces. That worked out pretty well. I found out that most of the faded red blocks were only faded on the right side so I flipped them and added them into places where the blocks were too damaged, or faded, to use. Originally, the interior blocks were hand pieced, while the exterior rows were machine pieced with a very tiny stitch which may mean that it was done with a treadle machine. I'm hand sewing the replacement blocks into place. It's time consuming but seems like the best alternative in order to fit the pieces properly. Here's a picture of the original top which was 58 by 72  inches. The "new" top is 58  by 64 before borders, which are still under consideration. The second picture shows some rows that I removed.

I'll post a picture when I get a bit further with the reconstruction and make a decision about adding borders.

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