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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Technically the project pictured is not a quilt rescue or repair. It's the first piece in a ten year collaboration with my dear friend, Susan. We had know each other for about 30 years before we talked at a party and decided to work on things together. Susan would draw, I would translate into a quilt. We also purchased a kit for a challenge that involved the theme of strawberries. This is the result! It is unique and was very fun to do. Figuring out how to stuff the strawberries back then was interesting but I like the way it turned out. The recipe is written in Susan's beautiful hand that I embroidered. I also added embroidery to the leaves and vines. It was a fun project and set us up for 10 more years of collaboration.

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  1. Our first collaboration, and still in search of a proper home. I always pictured this hanging in a cafe or a bakery...it really is striking and all your hard work really makes it shine. It was a lot of fun creating it, wasn't it? I am so glad we decided to put our heads together and combine our talents all those years ago, and I look forward to continue sparking each other's creativity for years to come.